Grass Fed and Grain Fed – Experiments in being bullet proof…or just plain invincible

Sorry for the weird title of this post. Allow me to explain myself…

I have discovered a few things about myself on this journey. I am much more weak willed than I give myself credit for. I was once told by a football coach that football (soccer) is a game played by two teams of 11 individuals who each think they are better than they really are. That hit home with me because it is so true. Whether you’re the fat bloke who struggles for 20 minutes before needing a breather, or the overpaid prima donna sitting on the bench for Manchester City and can’t believe the coach hasn’t played you in every game and made you captain of the team, every player I have seen or played with has had a higher opinion of their foot balling prowess.

I started this year with a goal of eating primarily primal and paleo and dropping about 30 kg of weight. In an effort to do this I also decided to go the entire 12 months without alcohol. I dropped weight quite quickly and easily at the start of the year. From my original weight of 120kg, I dropped to 111kg by steering clear of soft drinks as well as grains, soy, etc. When I incorporated soft drinks back into my diet my weight loss stalled, and I crept up to 114kg again. Upon seeing this figure I took the whole 30 challenge, and dropped down to 106kg. It wasn’t that hard. I didn’t miss the crap all that much. I promised myself that I would continue to eat primally again, just not be so die hard on the labels.

Boy did I fail. Big time. I am hooked on Coca Cola again. And I finally fell off the band wagon with regards to alcohol consumption. Am I someone who needs to yo yo diet all the time? Am I looking at things the wrong way? (Probably!!!) Back to the old drawing board…

I recently stumbled upon “the Bulletproof Executive”. I love his website. I love his “life hacking”. I really like “bullet proof coffee”.

Guess what? I’m going to try it. But I thought I would perform a little bit of an experiment with it. Starting this Sunday, June 3rd 2012. The first week I will adhere to the bulletproof diet, but I will not be worrying about the origins of my meats for this first 7 days. Then for the second 7 days I will eat only grass fed meats. I will see you all in just over two weeks.

Wish me luck.


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